25 Best WordPress Blog Themes

25 WordPress Blog Themes

1. OceanWP

OceanWP is a multipurpose theme shop with a wide selection of option features. This theme shop boasts a five out of five rating in the official WordPress directory.

Layout options include blogs, business portfolios, and even online stores. After you install an OceanWP theme, you also have access to a free page-builder plugin to easily build your website using the drag-and-drop tool.

If you plan on selling items, you can also integrate the OceanWP theme with WooCommerce to enjoy unique sales conversion features. The theme shop also includes best-practice SEO features to help you build a top-ranking website.

2. Themify

Themify allows you to create a modern-looking website by selecting from a versatile theme library. One of the best perks about using Themify is that your website will look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to a wide selection of themes, Themify offers an interface called Themify Builder. The builder allows you to customize your website using a simple drag-and-drop tool. This builder also has a preview feature so that you can review edits right away and make changes as needed.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant is one of the oldest and most trusted WordPress theme shops. If you want to work with a proven company to build a professional-looking blog, Elegant is a solid option for you.

Another important factor about Elegant is that it emphasizes content over animations of accessories. So, if you have a lot of blog posts, articles, or designs that you need to upload quickly, you can join the ranks of other creatives by using an Elegant theme.

Writers, journalists, and designers have all found success with the Elegant shop. This company also gives you access to Divi Builder, a straightforward drag-and-drop tool for customizing your website.

4. Pixelgrade

While theme shops like Elegant emphasize words and content, companies like Pixelgrade are all about the visuals. Pixelgrade allows you to create bold and beautiful blogs with stunning colors.

Designed to showcase and promote visual appeal, Pixelgrade is a great option for travel blogs, food blogs, online magazines, and other content-dense sites. Select a custom layout to match your subject category and choose from among unlimited color schemes to match the tone of your blog’s content.

In addition to SEO friendly features, these themes also enable custom typography and multilingual support to precisely match your blog’s character and tone.

5. AppThemes

The AppThemes company is a versatile shop that offers WordPress themes for websites ranging from businesses to online magazines. The themes offered can usually double as a platform for a specialized or niche website.

Some successful site categories that use AppThemes include a classified ads website, a coupon website, an online message board, and a job-search website. Each theme also allows you to upload your brand logo and select matching colors and appropriate layout. There is also build-in monetization for those interested in earning money from their blogs.

6. Upthemes

Do you have a specialized website or blog that requires additional loving care? The UpThemes shop is a widely trusted option for you. The shop offers detail-oriented themes commonly used for non-profits, online magazines, church websites, rock bands, and photography blogs.

Choose from unlimited colors and then mix-and-match layouts to get the final result just right. UpThemes also include a Beaver Builder to create individual web pages as well as optional TypeKit fonts for select themes.

7. ShowThemes

Are you working on a blog for a special occasion or interested in starting an events website? Say no more than “Lights, camera, ShowThemes.” This shop offers a variety of themes professionally designed for events.

Whether you need an awesome wedding website or want to start an events blog for live shows or concerts, these themes offer ultra-modern visual appeal. The themes are also flexible in terms of style or color, allowing you to capture the mood of your event with every web page.

8. MysteryThemes

The MysteryThemes shop offers diligently prepared WordPress themes that adhere to strict coding industry standards. Multipurpose and replete with endless feature options, MysteryThemes are suitable for the creation of any type of blog or website.

You can integrate MysteryThemes with WooCommerce to sell products, advanced typography to customize site appearance, or one-click demo importing to launch your website in record time.

9. FloThemes

Are you an aspiring or established photographer? The FloThemes shop is the leading company for selecting WordPress photography themes. Photographers who specialize in photographing nature, sports, fashion, editorial, and headshots have all found success developing websites or blogs using FloThemes.

You can use the available templates to create a blog or portfolio for your existing work, or you can follow the shop’s step-by-step tutorial for picking a domain name, choosing web hosting, and launching a brand-new website for your photography business.

10. Graph Paper Press

If you need a promotional website for your personal portfolio or business, Graph Paper Press offers plenty of WordPress theme options. As the name implies, Graph Paper Press specializes in neat, clean layouts and themes.

Easy to set up, customize, and launch, these themes have worked well for digital marketing bloggers ranging from photographers to jewelry makers. Each theme also integrates naturally with an e-commerce plugin, allowing you to sell products directly from your blog with ease.

11. Meridian Themes

Have you been searching for just the right WordPress small-business theme? Look no further than the options available at Meridian Themes. Featuring clever, attractive, and upbeat themes, this shop is a perennial favorite of creative bloggers and small-business owners.

For example, plenty of mom bloggers and fashion bloggers have found success with the shop’s unique modern designs and easy-to-use dashboards. The themes also contain plugins for website loading, information security, and search engine optimization.

12. Organized Themes

Many new bloggers struggle with bringing numerous elements together to create the perfect website for their organizations or businesses. Just as the name suggests, the Organized Themes shop may help you find the perfect theme to bring all of your ideas together into a complete whole.

These straightforward themes allow bloggers to use drag-and-drop WordPress widgets to create all of their primary web pages. With easy-to-use interfaces and professional execution, the Organized Themes shop is a popular choice for restaurants and cafes, non-profits and charities, churches and libraries, and small retail shops or businesses.

13. Artisan Themes

Traditional artisans may painstakingly create objects by hand, but the Artisan Themes shop allows bloggers to install WordPress templates as easily as one click.

Each multipurpose WordPress theme features modules that you can simply drag and drop to create a professional-looking website. The result is one of the easiest ways to get your blog up and running without the stress or hassle.

14. Gorilla Themes

The Gorilla Themes shop is one of the most well-known developers of WordPress Themes.

This shop allows you to select a variety of themes with built-in navigation menus, making it perfect for those interested in creating automotive retail websites, music or instrument online stores, world travel blogs, or online magazines.

The themes are also compatible with companion plugins for photo galleries or selling modules to help you every step of the way.

15. AudioTheme

AudioTheme is the premier shop for music or band blogs. Whether you are an aspiring singer or an established act, these themes can help you build a website to rise through the ranks of search engines. In addition, the themes include widgets for adding discography, upcoming gigs, and promotional videos.

16. Macho Themes

While bold and attractive, there is nothing arrogant or complicated about Macho Themes. Instead, these themes feature clean typography, neat lines, and easy-to-read layouts.

Since they are easy to set up and include prominent headers and footers, Macho Themes are the popular choice for physicians and dentists, science websites, news outlets, and financial magazine blogs.

17. TeslaThemes

While the word “Tesla” may evoke images of electronic cars and innovative solar panels, TeslaThemes refers to cutting-edge layouts for business blogs and e-commerce sites.

The TeslaThemes shop features dozens of WordPress business themes meaningfully organized into categories for your convenience. In addition to supporting e-commerce, TeslaThemes are also known as stunning parallax backgrounds that look terrific on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

The shop’s step-by-step tutorials can help ensure that your blog launches quickly and smoothly.

18. WPZoom

If your primary concern is a fast-loading and accessible blog, WPZoom may be the right choice for you. As the word “zoom” implies, this WordPress shop features business themes that have been optimized for loading speed.

Replete with tutorials and easy setup dashboards, this shop is a solid option for business blogs, online portfolios, and video-supporting sites (for which optimized speed is a must).

19. ThemeIsle

Escape the world of the ordinary with the ThemeIsle WordPress shop. These WordPress blog themes include detailed customization features.

They are perfect for detail-oriented websites such as legal, restaurant, non-profit, or organizational blogs. With a reputation to responsive customer support, ThemeIsle is a great choice for those interesting in uploaded their websites quickly and effectively.

20. ArrayThemes

Just as “array” refers to an impressive range or display, ArrayThemes offers among the most stunning selection of typography layouts suitable for any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Given the emphasis on typography, the ArrayThemes shop is a popular option for writers, photographers, and small-business owners. If you are interested in selling products as well, the themes integrate intuitively with WooCommerce.

21. Anariel Design

Is your goal to stand out within your niche? Anariel Design themes may help you achieve this objective and more. These multipurpose themes feature a selection of custom layouts for everyone from food critics to lifestyle bloggers.

And if there are any third-party plugins unique to your niche, Anariel Design developers have created specific themes that readily accept outside plugins and widgets.

22. EngineThemes

If you could describe the EngineThemes shop in one word, it would be functionality. These WordPress business themes feature functional layouts and dashboards.

As an added layer of functionality, the themes are also compatible with numerous third-party or WordPress plugins. For those creating highly interactive websites like classified message boards or job search tools, the EngineThemes shop is a reputable resource for website owners.

23. SecondLife Themes

Those interested in starting their own podcasts should also consider SecondLife Themes. This shop offers WordPress podcast themes with audio and video support along with a range of available layout styles.

The themes allow you to integrate podcast companion plugins so that videos can play podcasts directly on your website. SecondLife Themes also include a drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to customize your blog with ease.

24. HermesThemes

Hermes may be the Greek god of sleep and travel, but HermesThemes is the leading shop for hospitality websites.

If you need to create a blog for a hotel, resort, bed-and-breakfast, or Airbnb, these WordPress templates can beautifully display your selected properties. You can upload interior or exterior photos with ease as well as set geo-location for local recreation.

If you are building a website for international property, you can also create pages in different languages and scripts using WordPress multilingual (WPML).

25. MojoMarketplace

Do you like the idea of “shopping around” before settling on your WordPress blog theme? Enter the world of the MojoMarketplace.

This marketplace is one of the original ways to select your theme from a host of professional WordPress developers and designers. When you visit the MojoMarketplace, you can choose your favorite theme by searching for a specific category, industry, tag, or plugin.

The marketplace includes links to developer sites as well as step-by-step tutorials for starting and operating your own blog.