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Collagen Supplements Side Effects?

One of the questions that we get asked often is regarding oral collagen supplements side effects. Like with anything there’s going to be side effects, but it’s going to be user dependent. One of the main side effects that you might experience his high calcium levels, according to MedlinePlus (National Institutes of Health supported website).

This occurs because some collagen supplement manufacturers use collagen which is derived from marine-based animals (fish). And even though marine-based collagen is the best type of collagen you can utilize, some companies use shark cartilage as well as shellfish cartilage and depending on the person and how sensitive they are to these marine-based animals could skyrocket their calcium levels. This is why it’s always best to check in with your doctor when using these supplements just in case. You might not be aware of how your body might react to ingesting these animals.

Another side effect might be the hypersensitivity reaction, again based off of whether or not you might be allergic to marine-based ingredients, specifically shellfish determines whether or not this might affect you. The reason why some people develop hypersensitivity reactions is based off of how their immune system decides to react to the ingestion of the marine-based collagen. The reason why your immune system might react depends on whether it determines that the marine-based animals that was used (typically shellfish) is classified as an allergen by your immune system. If your immune system doesn’t classify these types of fish such as shellfish or shark cartilage as an allergen (which most people’s immune systems don’t), then you shouldn’t have any problems using a marine based supplement.

Benefits of Collagen Supplements

One of the main benefits of taking collagen supplements is for skin health, it helps you stay young and it does that by providing the skin with the nutrient in an abundant fashion. The main reason why people develop loose skin, wrinkly skin and sagging skin is due to the fact that their body is no longer producing the same amount of collagen that it used to and by taking the supplement you replace that missing collagen which helps you turn back the hands of time so to speak. After the age of 20, your body produces 1% less collagen every subsequent year. So by the time you reach the age of 50 your bodies probably producing less than 30% of the amount you were producing when you were 20.

Type I and type III collagen is used more for cosmetics purpose, these supplements improving your hair growth & stoping hair loss, tighten skin (which eliminates wrinkles) and promote nails growth as well as your organs, etc... This is what you find in most commercial brand of supplements you buy over-the-counter online. There’s one other type of collagen which is great for people who have joint problems such as osteoporosis and arthritis and that’s type II collagen. The number one reason why people have joint problem as well as osteoporosis and other similar problems comes down to the shrinking of the cartilage in their body. Over time the cartilage in your body decreases which leads to the development of these type of diseases and by taking type II collagen you can notice an immediate difference, some even claiming that the symptoms that they were experiencing before cleared up almost completely.

Another reason why some people might even develop arthritis, osteoporosis, etc… comes down to the fact that they use pharmaceutical drugs such as aspirin, opioids, etc… By taking these types of drugs it causes the cartilage in between your joints to shrink which can lead to these developments of these diseases. So if it’s not 100% necessary for you to take over-the-counter drugs it’s best to try to avoid them and find a natural way of achieving the results you’re looking for. Either way, ingesting type II collagen will start the repair process to restore your cartilage.

Best Rated Liquid Collagen Brand

A lot of companies claim to have the best supplement for collagen, but most of these companies don’t have real claims to back it up except for Skinade. They are one of the only few supplement manufacturers that have won several awards for their supplements. They are also the best rated collagen company with a 8.3 rating on with numerous positive reviews to back it up. They produced the highest quality and overall best liquid collagen on the market. Also, one of the benefits of drinking collagen in liquid form is that your body absorbs it easily (like it does with all liquids) Liquid collagen has a 90% absorption rate, this is due to it going directly into your bloodstream. You do NOT get this absorption rate when consuming it in any other form like pills, creams, etc...

Where to Buy Collagen Supplements?

Just do a Google search for “” and they will provide you with all the information as to where to get the best supplements from. Like we mentioned early in article there are different types of collagen as well as some that includes protein, etc... So to make sure that you purchase the correct one for your needs, simply visit the website above.

Collagen Supplements For Weight Gain & Weight Loss

The simple answer is no, some collagen brands do include whey protein (which would be clearly stated on the label). This is mainly for people that are looking for a two for one solution, so instead of having to take two separate supplements can just take one. Before the most part, the collagen that you buy in the stores and online don’t contain enough protein to help you gain weight. The collagen you buy over-the-counter and online contain only a small amounts of protein, but not enough to gain weight. As far as taking collagen to lose weight, the supplements themselves don’t contain anything that would make you lose weight but some studies show that it helps suppress appetite which would lead you to indirectly lose weight.

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